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Pragati BTP125 cnc lathe turret
Pragati-Automation Tool Turrets
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BTP 125 Technical Specification

1. 3/8" BSP coolant inlet from either side. 2. Coolant plate can be clamped to indexing flange at a suitable angular position. Tool disc to be suitably designed to take coolant entry with 'O' ring sealing from coolant plate. 3. Alternative positions of coolant outlet valve. 4. Adjustment range for coolant outlet valve. 5. 1/2" BSP electrical connection from either side. 6. Tool disc. 7. Reference pin for tool disc if required. To be moved after alignment and clamping of tool disc.
Model   BTP-125
Center height mm 125+0.1
No. of index positions   8 or 12
Version   STD SLOW
Total indexing Time for adjacent station (30° or 45°) sec 0.75 1.1
Inertia of Tool Disc and Tooling(max.) kg.m2 5 9
Weight of Tool Disc and Tooling(max.) kg 160
Indexing Frequency (max.) 1/min 10
Repeat positioning accuracy deg ±2"
Indexing accuracy deg ±6"
Total weight kg 140
BTP 125 Loading Capacity
F1xR 60,000
F2xR 100,000
F3xR 40,000

Ordering code:
8-position model : BTP-125/8.
12-position model : BTP-125/12.
Specify the following.
(a) Front or rear mounting.
(b) Supply voltage and frequency. Ref       How to order