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SpiderCool Automated Coolant Nozzles for Machine Tools

Nozzle Assembly and Hardware

The nozzle mounting bracket and nozzle assembly normally fasten to the right side of the machine head using two 1/4-20 socket head cap screws (provided).  Left handed units are available for situations where it is ideal to install the unit on the left side of the head.  There is plenty of adjustability making it simple to get the nozzle aligned with the center of the spindle.  Standoffs are provided to space the nozzle further from the machine head, providing a better coolant flow angle to shorter length tools.  The machine's existing coolant hose is plumbed to a 3/8" NPT fitting on the nozzle assembly.


Spidercool nozzle unit - front view Spidercool nozzle assembly - right view

Right hand unit pictured here

Left hand units available

Spider cool mounting hardware

Control Unit

The Control Unit consists of the SpiderCool Control circuit board pre-fastened to a 4" x 6" NEMA subplate for simple installation into the machine's electrical cabinet.  The Control Unit requires a 110VAC supply, and is interfaced to the machine's existing low level logic circuits for detecting tool changes.  The system is optically isolated to prevent noise interference from the machine's servo and spindle drives.


Circuit board of the SpiderCool automated coolant nozzle system

Servo Cable

The Servo Cable routes from the Nozzle Assembly to the Control Unit.  It is pre-wired with a sealed, threaded connector on the Nozzle end, and a phoenix connector on the Control Unit end.


Servo Cable of the Spidercool automated coolant nozzle system
Adjustment Knob and Cable

The Adjustment Knob mounts through a 3/8" diameter hole, on or near the CNC control panel, in a location convenient for the operator.  The cable routes from the Adjustment Knob to the Control Unit.  A label with operating instructions is included to identify the knob.

SpiderCool knob wiring harness