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Netco Machining
Keith Netteshiem, Owner
Fort Lupton, CO
Fryer MC-40 Vertical Machining Center
with Anilam CNC.
Netco's Vertical Machining center with the Spidercool system
" Netco has been in business 18 years. and SpiderCool is the best machine option I ever purchased. Having precise coolant positions for each tool has doubled tool life. I would not want to be without it.”
Anmor CNC Machining, Inc.
New Britain, CT

Andrze Murzynski, Owner

Okuma & Howa Millac 3VA.
“It is very common for one person to operate multiple machines at Anmor. Most of the time jobs are set up, then any person in the shop may be assigned to simply load parts, press cycle start and unload the part or parts when the cycle is completed. He or she can then run 2 machines if necessary.”

“Since coolant is important, an automated coolant position for each tool increases productivity by providing unattended machining.”

“SpiderCool is so simple and quick, anybody can use it.”
Eagle Precision, Inc.
West Springfield, MA.

Norm Cournoyer, Foreman

Matsuura - MC-1000V,
Twin Spindle Matsuura - MC-1000V, VMC Okuma & Howa Millac 5VA VMC,
Grosite Industries, Inc
Farmington, CT

Mike Cyr, Machinist

Matsuura 800 VMC
“The SpiderCool benefits I appreciate most are convenience, unattended machining, safety, and dramatically less need to stick my hands into the machine to adjust coolant lines.”

“We use cutting oil for our coolant medium and the less I have to put my hands into it, the happier I am.” 

“SpiderCool is always exactly where I set it and never gets knocked out of the way during machining operations like loc-lines do.”

H & B Tool and Engineering, Inc.
South Windsor, CT

Randy Longley, Machinist

4 SpiderCool Systems

Kia H-40 HMC

Bridgeport BPC 320-H HMC

Mastuura 600VF VMC

Matsuura MC-800VF VMC

“We are an aircraft parts sub-contractor. Most of the parts we machine are tough alloy materials like stainless, inconel and stellite. Under the best of conditions, cutter life is short. SpiderCool has not only increased tool life, but more importantly has made it more predictable. I run both the Kia and Bridgeport Horizontal Machining Centers myself. I no longer have to make repeated coolant loc-line adjustments on every part cycle which has dramatically decreased our part cycle time and my level of aggravation. SpiderCool on a horizontal spindle provides excellent chip flushing. SpiderCool is dead simple to operate; it doesn’t get any easier than “turn the knob and push”.
GAR Electroforming
Danbury, CT.

David Martel
Machine Shop Supervisor

2 Haas Mini Mills with SpiderCool
Gar Electroforming with Spidercool on one of their 2 Haas Mini Mills
“We purchased our first Mini Mill with the SpiderCool option, our machinists love it, and so SpiderCool was specified on the second machine. A large percentage of our work involves milling with very small endmills.”

“Coolant is important and SpiderCool insures that it is always aimed at the right spot. The AutoDrill feature improves chip flushing.”

“Since one machinist will often run 2 machines, SpiderCool enables the entire machining cycle to run unattended.”
Hardigg Industries, Inc.
South Deerfield, MA

Ted Wasielewski

5 SpiderCool Systems 
Installed on Fadal VMC's
Picture of Hardig's Machining Center with Spidercool programmable coolant nozzle system
“Our first SpiderCool doubled our tool life and allowed us to run that machine unattended. SpiderCool proved itself to be 100% reliable in two years of daily use."

"Equipping our (4) remaining Fadals with SpiderCool’s new Plug & Play units was an easy decision”

MedSource Technologies Corp.
Brimfield, MA

Glen Perry & Fran LeFleur

7 SpiderCool Systems

2 Fryer MC-30 VMC's
3 Matsuura 600VF VMC's
2 Matsuura 660VG VMC's

Medsource's Anilam controlled machining center with the Spidercool programmable coolant nozzle system
“This may sound crazy, but we honestly feel we are 20% more productive just because of SpiderCool.”
" Not having to continually adjust and readjust coolant lines on the VMC’s was a bigger benefit than we ever imagined. It is our opinion that tool life has been substantially increased."
Morgan Construction
Worcester, MA.

Bill Morin, Engineer
Doug DeMars, Machinist

Makino MCB 1210 HMC
Morgan's machining center with the Spidercool programmable coolant nozzle system
“At first glance you would think this machine has more than adequate coolant coverage but we’ve found SpiderCool to be a huge advantage” said Doug Demars, machinist.

“This is a very large machine and I have to climb inside the enclosure to adjust the standard coolant lines. We have 99 tools that can vary in length from 2” to 15” long. SpiderCool enables me to externally aim, set and remember a separate precise coolant position for every tool in the magazine, regardless of length. I use the AutoDrill, oscillating cycle, on several tools. Bill Morin, Manufacturing Engineer, states; “we are very big on safety at Morgan and having the ability to adjust the coolant, without climbing inside the machine, reduces the potential for injury”.

 “Because of the diameter and length of our tools, they are very expensive, already we are seeing an improvement in tool life.” 

“SpiderCool is easily justified and we intend to install them on additional machines.”
Paragon Manufacturing, Inc.
Westfield, MA

Steve Beals, President

Mighty Comet VMC
Paragon's Horizontal Machining Center with the Spidercool system

“We’re a small, owner operated, job shop with 4 Vertical Machining Centers. I wouldn’t add an accessory to my machine simply because I like it or because it’s convenient. I must see a rapid “return on my investment” in order to justify such purchases. "

“I'm so pleased with the results obtained with SpiderCool, 

I plan to add at least 3 more systems.” 


Parker Hannifin Corporation
Enfield, CT

Rich Tanguay, M. E. 

Brother TC 22-A High Speed Drill / Tap Center

Parker Hanafin's machining center with the Spidercool system

“Before installing SpiderCool, our high-speed drill / tap machine with 2200 IPM rapids and .7-second tool change, was severely limited by inefficient coolant distribution. Due to widely differing tool lengths, and expensive special form cutters, we were forced to manually adjust the coolant loc-lines after many operations. It is impossible for us to provide enough loc-lines to cover the number of tools we use.”

“SpiderCool has eliminated this problem and improved cycle time by 40%” 


Preci-Manufacturing, Inc.
Winooski, VT

Lloyd Grunvald, VP

5 SpiderCool Systems

2 Mori-Seikis
2 Kitamuras
1 Haas Mini Mill

"I'm writing you this note to tell you how pleased we are with the addition of the SpiderCools to our 5 vertical machining centers. Prior to their installation we were spending a great deal of time adjusting coolant lines and as a result the machines were frequently in optional stop to accommodate 1 operator running 2 machines. Since their installation we have eliminated this almost entirely. Operators are no longer concerned about having coolant on the tool at the right time and are running the machines at far greater efficiency. In addition we have seen an increase in tool life because now we have coolant in the right spot at all times. Furthermore, with Spider Cool we can now adjust the coolant lines in cycle from outside of the machine. Because of door interlocks we previously had to put the machines in single block or MDI to adjust the lines. As you well know this can be dangerous and often times very messy. Coolant can spray all over the place and I have seen more than 1 operator take a coolant shower in my 25 years."

“I have estimated that our annual savings by adding the SpiderCools will be in the vicinity of $52,000 per annum.”

"This is calculated by assuming that our machine uptime will be 30 minutes more per shift. We currently run 2 shifts giving us a total of 1 hour per day times 5 machines or 5 hours per day or 25 hours per week. Assuming an hourly rate of $40.00 per hour this provides a return of $1000.00 per week or $52,000 per year. This is a very conservative estimate and does not include improved tool life or intangibles like operator satisfaction, improved quality, and less mess. Given this calculation the payback for our spider cool is less than 3 months. For us this was an easy decision! and our operators and set-up personnel are very happy that we made it."

Product & Design Corporation
Brooklyn, NY

John Milich, Owner

Hurco VMC 4020

Product-Design's VMC with the SpiderCool system
“We are a one off shop and as such do very little production. I read the feature story about SpiderCool in the July 2001 issue of Modern Machine Shop and immediately said, when I get a few extra bucks, I want that. It took almost a year but I finally ordered a SpiderCool.” 

“Coolant control has always been a nuisance to me and SpiderCool has eliminated that headache.”

“I was very impressed with the quality and professionalism of the factory direct installation. We have had zero problems and I would recommend SpiderCool to anyone.”

Shanklin Sealed Air Corp.
Ayer, MA

Steve Tomasso,  Plant Engineer


8 SpiderCool Plug & Play Systems 

Installed on Fadal VMC's

Shanklin's Vertical Machining center with the Spidercool system

“I believe in running our machines “hard and fast”, SpiderCool helps me to do that. I was looking for a device to automate coolant application. If I hadn’t found SpiderCool, I was ready to attempt making my own. "

"We liked the first one so much we purchased a SpiderCool Plug & Play for each of our 8 Fadal Machining Centers”

Todd Machine & Fabrication, Inc.
Southbury, CT

Todd Decatur

Fryer MC-50

Todd Machine's VMC with Spidercool
"Time is money. We're a small shop and every minute counts. Before I had SpiderCool, I couldn't leave the machine alone for any length of time without burning up expensive tooling. In fact, running back and forth to the machine to babysit coolant lines used to cost me about an hour every day . With SpiderCool, I can leave the machine running and never have to worry about it."
Tru Precision, Inc
New Britain, CT

Chet Schwalenberg

Fryer MC-50
Tru-Precision's VMC with the Spidercool programmable coolant nozzle system
“SpiderCool is a Modern-Day solution to an Age-Old Problem. It’s hard to nail down exactly what it saves me, but let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be without it ever again.”