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Bostak logo BOSTAK Coolant Pumps
July 4,2013 update:  we expect to have more
Bostak pump models in stock soon.
Currently we have AX series in stock in different
lengths and 220-440 and 575/3/60 in 0.06 Kw size
AX   0.06 KW and 0.09 KW
Bostak AX series machine tool coolant pumps

220-440 and 575 volt

This series is used on Erlo drills, Ibarmia drills and other Spanish drills and machines .
Note:  discharge and hose
connection is in the tank below the mounting flange.
Details and dimensions
We normally have stock of the AX pumps with 3 different immersion depths.
Dimension A on the drawing.
85 mm, 100 mm and 110 mm.
We normally have 220/3/60 and 575/3/60 versions in stock.
Ibarmia drills have different lengths than above but it is easy to puts
some spacers under the pump to set the immersion depth.