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Note to users of old Anilam systems
Flash Card Readers
We can now upgrade most old systems to take Compact Flash memory cards, in place of or in addition to the floppy disc drives. Call us for details.
compact flash card for anilam cnc controls
USB memory stick drives
can now be retrofitted with a kit we make up.
USB memory stick upgrade for anilam cnc controls
showing the Anilam 3300, 4200 and 5300 CNC controls

Anilam offers 5 different series:

1) the 4200 Turning control with G-code programming, conversational programming and graphics.

2) the 3000 series, a milling control that features totally conversational programming with graphics.

3) the 5000 series, a more powerful milling control with G-code programming, conversational programming and graphics

ANILAM's unique breadth and flexibility of CNC system configurations ensure the perfect match for machine tool builders, importers, distributors and for retrofitters.

Feature overview

It is easy to choose the best Anilam CNC for your application. First, it's either for milling, turning or boring. Then, just select your preferred programming format and the most suitable hardware configuration.

Conversational or G-code programming

Some operators prefer conversational programming and some prefer using G-codes. With ANILAM you can do both. ANILAM released its first conversational control in 1979. Since then, further enhancements and have made our machinist's language programming format one of the most liked user interfaces in the industry. No other programming format is easier to get started with and there is no trade-off of control capability for ease of programming.

ANILAM's conversational controls, namely, the 3000-series and the 3000 Commando, come with powerful programming tools to further simplify the programming. A wealth of useful canned cycles are available as well as the 3-mode calculator. The 3-mode calculator enables math and trigonometry calculation, right triangle calculation and general geometry calculation. The geometry calculator has many of the features available in CAM systems. The results can directly be made part of the program. Of course, programs are quickly verified by viewing the programmed tool path in the on-screen Draw mode.

on-screen Draw mode
Already existing G-coded programs are readily transformed into ANILAM's conversational format by running them through our G-code converter utility.

The 4000- and 5000-series controls have conversational G-code. The program is in G-code but, you don't have to know G-codes to program them. Furthermore, an extensive menu of canned cycles allow you to generate the program just by responding to prompts. Another powerful programming tool is provided in the icon based shape editor. The shape editor provides the functionality of the geometry calculator plus it allows the operator to generate a combined shape from the results. In the case of G-code programming, the operator naturally has the option of parametric programming.

The 5000-series controls even have an integrated CAM utility to help you generate any program just by defining the part and specifying a few parameters. ANILAM's assisted G-coding concept truly makes G-code programming easy for everyone.
showing the conversational - graphical user interface of the Anilam CNC controls
The Anilam 3300 CNC operator panel now with LCD screen the Anilam CNC computer chasis

Kit-style configurations have enclosed console, bolt-on ready servo cabinet and quick-connect cabling. A range of kit components are included as required such as motors, motor mount assemblies, Z-axis feed assembly, ballscrews, limit switches etc. Anything you might need to automate your machine tool, tested all together as a system and ready to install.
showing the Anilam 5300 CNC display and computer cabinet