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Fresmak Arnold vice log Classic Mechanical Models

Arnold Classic Mechanical high pressure vice  The classic design with base for direct clamping to the machine table or to the optional rotary base.
High Pressure ARNOLD MECHANICAL vices achieve a clamping force of up to 8 tons using the simple turn of the handle without any effort. This advantage makes them ideal for heavy duty clamping in milling machines, drilling machines and threading machines.

- 0.01 mm clamping repeatability.
- Monoblock design to avoid deformation due to high pressure and great rigidity.
- Large opening, up to 375 mm and 845 mm if the body is in two parts.
- Clamping force is 2.5/4/5/8 tons according to size.
- Fitted with high pressure mechanical intensifier.
- The force applied by the high pressure spindle is transmitted to the work-piece in the exact centre of the clamping jaw.
- Permanent clamping force avoids repositioning the work-piece one day to the next.
- Ideal for long lasting machining.
- Optional power regulator.
- Up to eleven different types of standard jaws.


1. Standard vice.

- Standard shape highly valued for decades.
- Clamping to the machine table is carried out through the lengthwise orifices and slots of the vice.
- Can be supplied with a rotary base.

2. Straight vice.

- The narrow figure enables one to be placed alongside the other, making up a large clamping unit for large work-pieces.

3. Two part straight vice.

- Able to clamp any work-piece however large it is.
- Clamp the work-pieces on top of the guides or on top of the table.
- An inner tie-rod joins one of the two work-pieces of the vice.
Standard equipment included:
- vise base / body
- mechanical high pressure spindle
- 1 set of plain jaws
- 1 handle
- service manual
- with straight vice version only: 4 end clamps.

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