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HH Roberts / Topwell 4-VF

This is our 4-VF which is basically the 4-GL frame with many upgrades that improve the productivity and accuracy. To start with it has ballscrews on X and Y axes. Both X and Y axes have CNC class servo motors for feeds giving independent variable feed rates and rapid traverses. A rapid traverse is fitted to the knee lift.  

Standard equipment includes the Acu-Rite 300 LCD graphical digital readout . It can store 8 programs in memory, each having up to 250 steps. Programs can be uploaded or downloaded to a PC. The graphical displays include functions like bolt hole patterns.
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The coolant system and chip pan are standard. The telescoping Y axis covers are standard.

The 4 1/2 Hp vector drive head is available with your choice of back geared or direct drive. 
Direct drive speed range 75 to 4,000 or 100 to 6,000 rpm. via belt change.
Back geared ranges 15 to 750 and 75 to 6,000.

Economical CNC UPGRADE Path
The electronics cabinet has space reserved for future upgrade to a CNC. Almost all the components needed for CNC are already installed, including the spindle drive and axis drives. Because of this the CNC upgrade is quite economical.  A quill kit can be added to make it a 3 axis CNC.
Topwell 4-VF advanced milling machine with Fagor digital readout
Now available with back geared or direct drive heads with 6,000 rpm. standard

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Topwell 4-VF advanced knee mill with Fagor digital readout
To the left a 4VF with the optional Fagor digital readout.  The rapid traverse motor for the knee lift can be seen.  Note the large diameter handwheels with folding grips.
Topwell 4-GL-CNC with space saving table
This is one of the models we have recently began offering in a compact configuration. We have removed the X axis motor mount bracket with it tray top, and replaced it with a mount that positions the motor in front of the table. Further, we can offer this with a 42" table, which still gives about 24" of travel. This is enough for the huge majority of work in shops today. It can be particularly attractive to schools.   In shops that already have one or more mills for the larger work, the floor space saving is 22" x about 6". See the photos of the 4-GL-CNC machines to see what it looks like.

To the left is a picture of a 4-GL-CNC that shows the new space saving design for the X axis motor which is available on both the VF series and CNC series.   The motor is moved in front of the table under the black guards.  This saves about 22" of shop floor space.  You can also see in this picture the similarity in the CNC electronics cabinet and pendant arm and the VF models cabinet and arm.  This is part of the easy upgrade path to a CNC, which is built into the VF series.

CNC Ready Electronics Cabinet

To the right is a view of the electronics cabinet below where you can see the large space at the top ready for future mounting the CNC.  This minimizes field work for upgrading to CNC.  We need to add the I/ O board and change the pendant to one built for the LCD screen and CNC keyboard.   A 3rd axis can easily be added to the quill.  In the picture you can see space provided for the 3rd axis amplifier in the lower left.

Topwell electronics panel ready for retrofitting the Anilam CNC control

Pendant of the Topwell 4-VF fitted with optional Anilam Digital readout
To the left is the control pendant for the VF series. The current models come with the Acu-Rite LCD graphical digital readout as standard equipment.

Controls on the Panel:
At the top left is the spindle speed display. Under the display is the speed setting knob and the forward - stop - reverse switch.

In the middle and are under the white safety bar making them a bit hard to see are the joysticks for axis selection  

Just below the joysticks are the geared knobs for sensitive feed rate setting. Feed rates are displayed on the digital readout.  On the knee mills X and Y have the feed knobs and the vertical knee lift just had the joystick for rapid positioning. On the bed mill version all 3 axes have feed knobs.
Below the feed knobs are the yellow buttons for the rapid traverse for each axis. 

The lower switches are for the worklight and coolant on the left and an
E-stop on the right.