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NOTICE We have a used FLG-25 in stock with the Anilam 6000 CNC control on it.  See our used CNC page.
HH Roberts / Fulland FLG-25
High Speed Machining Center
Travels 25" x 16 1/2" x 17 3/4"
Overall view of the Fiulland FLG-25 vertical machining center with Anilam 6000 CNC control anilam cnc ogo

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The FLG-25 is a compact machining center built with the new Anilam 6000 series CNC.  This control has a German made main processor, power unit, digital axis drives and digital axis motors, from Heidenhain or companies within the Heidenhain Group.   At the Montreal Machine Tool show this spring this machine was running the internationally recognised Mercedes-Benz contouring test part at 350 Inches per minute.  It has rapid traverse rates of 1400 IPM and spindle speeds up to 12,000 rpm. In the near future 15,000 rpm will be available. With Fanuc CNC systems, 18,000 rpm is available now.

Scroll down to see the full, and sometimes bare truth of how this machine is built.

Showing the underside of the base casting of the FLG-25
Rear view of the base and column constructin of the FLG-25

The rear view shows the mounting of the column on the base. The inverted Y design allows ample space for the rear Y axis ship guard to go right clear through. It gives an obvious wide base to keep the column rigid.
From the bottom up.  This picture was taken in our shop with the FLG-25 on our crane.  A generous mehanite cast base with ribbing.  No fabricated stand here !  
The Fulland FLG-25 base table and saddle assembly

The above show the bare base / table / saddle assembly.  There is not a scrap of sheet metal here. The whole thing is cast from high grade mehanite.  It clearly shows this machine is made to give years of sturdy service.  It is not made to entice you with an unbelievably cheap price with a flimsy machine under pretty sheet metal.
Showing the pretensioner on the X axis ballscrew of the Fulland FLG-25

Here we can see the pretensioning thrust bearings on the left side of the X axis. The large X axis linear guideways and the wide spread on them for stability.  Just to each side of the ballscrew you can see the attention to detail where urethane safety bumpers are fitted.  Similar bumpers are on each end of every axis.
Linear ways and saddle construction of the Fuilland FLG-25
The above shot shows the linear ways for the table and saddle.  The saddle is more than double the size of the table travel giving full support without overhang even at the extreme ends of the travel.  The Y axis linear ways are spread a long way apart left to right and the table linear ways have a huge spread front to back.
Collant tank assembled on the FLG-25
Coolant collection system on theFulland FLG-25

No mickey mouse 5 quart cooling system on this baby. The full cooling / chip pan assembly pulls out for servicing. Note that beside the coolant pump there is a hole for a second pump. This is to provide for completing the optional chip flushing system.  In the photo to the left the yellow arrows mark the roughed in outlets for the flushing nozzles. If you look closely on the picture of the rear of the machine you can see the manifolds on each side of the column.

Above shows the numerous baffles and filter screens to reduce the suspended materials in the coolant.

FLG-25 vertical machining center
Arm type automatic tool changer on the Fulland FLG-25Front view of the FLG-25 with an arm type automatic tool changer
The above shots show the optional 16 tool arm type tool changer which has a tool change time of about 7 seconds.