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Davis # 15 Automatic Keyseaters
Using the multiple tooth cutters, the DAVIS KEYSEATER is fast cutting, precise, and easy to set-up and operate.

Manual and automatic feed keyseaters (broaching machines ) available.

Davis Keyseaters can cut keyways that range widely in depth, whereas hand broaches are limited.

Our machines are also able to accept simple fixtures for external shaping and slotting of work pieces that are conventionally milled. This feature, combined with the rugged machine design and cost cutting tooling principle, make the DAVIS KEYSEATER one of the most versatile machines in your shop.
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We stock an assortment of inch and metric cutters for the Davis keyseater.
  • up to 1 1/2" Keyway width.
• up to 18" long keyways
Davis model 15 automatic keyseater
Davis HSS Keyway cutters and broaches
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Shown above is our custom electronic variable speed version. The same vector drive is used on this model that we use on most of our CNC machines.  The LED display can be set to display strokes per minute or surface feet per minute. This gives the operator the ability to set the speed to give optimum finish and tool life, just the way you would on a lathe, mill or drill, which is particularly important when cutting keyways in stainless steel or roller die materials..

keyway cutting times How long does it take to cut a keyway ???

Click on the chart to see a large scale version with different materials and keyway widths.

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Model 15 details
Examples of keyway cutting
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Model 4 details
Options and Accessories
Model 1, 2 and 3 (antiques) details (not on line yet)
Keyway Cutters ( broaches ) Using new style AF and AFS cutters to older machines