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NEW:  Davis keyway cutters can now be ordered with Titanium
and other coatings to enhance tool life when
cutting real tough alloys like high chrome stainless steels.

Using the mutiple tooth cuter principle, the Davis Keyseater is the fastest cutting, most precise, and easiest to operate keyseater on the market.

Davis manufactures and stocks standard Inch and Metric sizes of cutters and bushings for use on all Davis Keyseaters.  They are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications to obtain the highest efficiency from Davis Keyseater Machines. Radius cutters, angle cutters, and cutters made to sizes, profiles and length other than standard, as well as special size bushings are available on request.   Davis will also sharpen your old Davis cutters.

Davis cutters virtually eliminate the necessity of frequent re-sharpening, resulting in longer tool life. Often it is possible to drive the cutter at a constant speed, regardless of the material or the size of the keyway being cut.

Keyseater Cutters made of high speed tool steel with proper rake, clearance and hardness cut efficiently. Using a work locating bushing ensures concentricity and allows for fast set-up of parts.

Many people call these cutters " broaches ". Our opinion is that broaches have tapered teeth. Davis cutters have parallel teeth.

AF Cutters
AFS Cutters
Special Cutters
Davis Keyway Cutters style AF
Davis Keyway Cutters AFS type
Custom Davis keyway cutters
AF Series cutters are designed with side clearance, a 10 degree rake angle and a relief angle fro the higher speeds and feeds demanded by automatic cutting.  They are accurately hardened and ground to provide optimum cutting efficiency and better finishes. 

Available in 16 and 20" lengths only.

AFS Series cutters are AF cutters with a staggered tooth configuration. They cut more efficiently and do not load with chips when cuting keyways over 5" long which are 1/2" in size or larger.  In many cases they eliminate the need to take a pilot cut. They are designed for use in the model 15 machines but can also be used in the manual machines.

Available up to 30" long.

AF and AFS cutters are available to meet your needs for keyways that are not standard, such as radius cutters, angle cutters as well as cutters made to your special size, profile and /  or length requirements. Special bushings are also available to meet your needs of bore / keyways combinations.  Send us your part drawing or specifications for a quote.
Example of Davis AF keyway cutter
Printable list of AF cutters
( .pdf file )
Example of Davis AFS keyway cutter
Printable list of AFS staggered tooth cutters
( .pdf file )
Examples of custom made Davis keyway cutters

Examples of custom made cutters.

Cutter Sets:
In addition to individual cutters sizes from 1/16" to 1 1/2", we offer cutter sets in both AF and AFS series.  The DA17 sets cover the keyway sizes from 1/16" to 3/4", and the DA18 sets cover the range from 7/8% to 1 1/2". Cutter sets are recommended for applications where the size of the keywasy to be cut cannot be predetermined when purc hasing your Davis Keyseater machine.  Metric cutter sets are also available...

Bushing sets: In addition to individual bushings and their respective holders, bushing sets are available to compliment the cutters sets.  Bushin set DA-82 is shown in the photo, and it is intended for use with the cutters in the DA-17 cutter set.  The necessary holders for clamping the bushing to the keyseater table are included. The work centering V-blocks can accomodate more than one bore size with the same diameter bushing. Bushing sets are available in both inch and metric, individually or kits.

Davis Keyway bushings, bushing holders and V-blocks

List of Bushing Sets ( printable .pdf file )

Listing of individual INCH bushings ( printable .pdf file )

Listing of individual METRIC bushings ( printable .pdf file )

Note to customers with Older Davis Model 5 Keyseaters

#5 keyseaters up to serial number 5-1363 were made with NON-self centering cutter holders.  These older cutter holders can accept cutters with a maximum shank width of 1".  To fit new AF and AFS style cutters from 1"  to 1 1/2" there are two solutions.

• upgrade the cutter holder to the current self centering style which will accept cutters to 1 1/2" and give the added convenience of the self centering feature.

•   continue to use the old manual adjusting style cutter holders and reduce the shank width of all cutters over 1" to fit it. The cutters are fully hardened so they must be ground. Davis will produce cutters with this relief step for an additional charge to the regular cutter price.

Furthermore on some of the really ancient machines ( Davis has been making these for over 85 years, so long the adjective does apply ), fitting the new cutter head can become a major re-build and is not practical.

Download the catalogue models 5 and `5 Model 15 details
Examples of keyway cutting Model 5 details
Examples of slotting Model 4 parts and operators manual
Options and Accessories Model 1, 2 and 3 (antiques) details (not on line yet)
Keyway Cutters ( broaches ) Using new style AF and AFS cutters to older machines