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Annn Yang 2200mm through 2600mm C-Models

Swings of 86",  94" and  102"

Up to 12,000mm / 472" centers

Annn Yang DY-2600 CNC lathe

super heavy duty tailstock with built in live center
A super heavy duty tailstock with built in live center.
With one steady rest this can support 40 metric tons on
the heavier Annn Yang lathe models


DY-2400C DY-2500C DY-2600C DY-2700C
Machining capability
Distance between centers

2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000 / 6000 / 7000 / 8000 / 9000 / 10000 / 11000 / 12000 ~ 40000mm

Swing over bed 2400mm 2500mm 2600mm 2700mm
Swing over cross slide 1810mm 1910mm 2010mm 2110mm
BED Width 1400mm
Main spindle
Spindle nose

A2-15, 230mm, L: 10-97, M: 97-200, H: 200-400

A2-20, 310mm, L: 10-97, M: 97-200, H: 200-350

A2-20, 360mm, L: 10-97, M: 97-200, H: 200-300

A2-28, 410mm, L: 10-97, M: 97-200, H: 200-250

Spindle bore
Spindle speed (rpm)
Cross travel (X axis) 1200mm 1250mm 1300mm 1350mm
Longitudinal travel (Z axis) Same as distance between centers
X axis rapid traverse 5M/min
Z axis rapid traverse 5M/min
Cutting feed rate 0.001-500mm/rev (0.0004"-20"/rev)
Main motor Siemens spindle motor 1PH7184-NF, 51kw, 325Nm
Inverter --------
X axis servo motor Siemens or Fanuc or Siemens servo motor 1FK7103-5AF71, 20.5Nm, 5.37kw, 3000rpm
Z axis servo motor Siemens or Fanuc or Siemens servo motor 1FT6108-8SC7, 80Nm, 16.8kw, 2000rpm
Oil pump 100W
Coolant pump 450W, 6~10bar
Hydraulic tank pump (optional) 3hp (2.2kw)
Tank capacity
Hydraulic tank (optional) 20L
Lubrication pump 8L
Ball screw
X axis diameter 50mm 
Z axis diameter 80mm
Quill diameter 300mm
Quill travel 600mm
Quill taper MT7
N.W (kg) 24000/26000/28000/30000/32000/34000/36000/38000/40000/42000/44000 ~
Above specifications are subject to change without notice. Special requirement please connect with us.

Standard Equipment and Features
• automatic gear change system
• quick change 4 way toolpost
• coolant system
• centralized automatic lube system for slideways and ballscews
• steady rest
• worklight(s)
Options Include
• Hydraulic power chucks
• Choice of Anilam, Fagor or Fanuc CNC controls
• Headstock oil cooling system
• Electric or Hydraulic tool turrets, horizontal or vertical axis
• Hydraulic tailstock
• Air lift on tailstock
• Special carraiges and steadies for deep hole drilling
• Chip conveyor systems and chip carts
• Larger capacity steady rests

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automatic gear changer
Z axis motor Z axis ballscrew mount
power turret hydraulic tailstock
12 tool turret Servo motor for spindle positioning
tailstock with air lift system electric 4 way  turret
linear Scales hydraulic chuck