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HH Roberts / AnnnYang AY: 26" and 30" series

HH Roberts 26" CNC lathe with big spindle bore
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This is the medium duty series in a  26" x 80" model. This one has an optional 6 1/2" spindle bore. 
The base on this series is also one piece.

HH Roberts 40" CNC lathe with Anilam 4200 control Pragati electric turret
This is a 40" x 60" machine in final preparation in our shop.  This machine was built with a special low speed range for a customer turning tough aerospace allow rings for turbines.  Here is a close up of the turret disc showing the 8 turning positions as well as 3 bolt on boring tool block and one facing tool block. Note the abundance of coolant ports.

DY-660C DY-760C
Distance between centers 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000 / 6000 / 7000 / 8000 / 9000 / 10000mm
40" to 393"
Swing over bed 660mm / 26" 760mm / 30"
Swing over cross slide 390mm / 11.4" 490mm / 19.3"
Spindle nose
Standard  D1-11  or A2-11  (Opt. for power chucks )
Standard  130mm  / 5.11"       Optional 160mm 6.29"
Spindle bore
Spindle speeds (rpm)
in 3 gear ranges, manual shift
D1-11, 130mm, L: 40-130, M: 130-400, H: 400-1200
A2-11, 160mm, L: 20-110, M: 110-320, H: 320-660
Spindle taper MT 12
Travel Cross travel (X axis) 400mm  15 3/4"
Longitudinal travel (Z axis)
600 to 9600 mm
24" to 378"
Feeds X axis rapid traverse 5 M / min   200 IPM
Z axis rapid traverse 7.5 M / min   300 IPM
Cutting feed rate 0.001-500mm/rev (0.0004”-20”/rev)
Motors Main motor 30hp(Std.) / 40hp(Opt.)
Inverter 30hp(Std.) / 40hp(Opt.)
X axis servo motor 2.49kw   /   11.9Nm / 2000rpm
Z axis servo motor 8.31kw   /    39.7Nm / 2000rpm
Oil pump 100W
Coolant pump 450W, 6~10bar
Hydraulic tank pump 3hp (2.2kw)(optional for power chuck,
hydraulic turret or power tailstock )
Hydraulic tank (optional) 20L
Lubrication pump 8 L
Ball screw X axis diameter 40mm
Z axis diameter 63mm
Bed Width 482mm
Tailstock Quill diameter 115mm
Quill travel 300mm
Quill taper MT6