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Shun Chuan Engine Lathe
Sunmaster Universal Lathes.

13" x 30"  to   22" x 120"
Most models are available with electronic variable speed drive and when fitted with the Anilam digital readout, can give constant surface speed control like on a CNC lathe !
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Shun Chuan 13" Universal lathe
ERL Series 13" Swing
Shun Chuan 15" variable speed  lathe
BHL Series 15" Swing
with mechanical reversing clutch
Shun Chuan 14" Engine Lathe
RML Series: 14" and 16" Swing
Shun Chuan 6" Engine lathe
TML Series; 16" Swing, 12 speeds all geared
Now with 65mm spindle bore !!

Shun Chuan 17" Engine Lathe
ML Series 17" & 20" Swing, 3" spindle bore
Shun Chuan 17" Universal lathe
CL Series 17" & 20" Swing, 2" spindle bore
Sunmaster AHL series lathe
AHL Series 18" and 22" Swing with mechanical multi disc clutches